Competition – who could be our partner

The meeting with people is very important and there are some providers who follow a similar service.

The Greeters have their roots in New York. Guests should be greeted in a foreign city by Greeters. Especially in the larger cities are active. It works together with tourist information. The greeters shouldn’t take any groups, for not competing with the professional city tours.

Flying Concierges
Basel works with the voluntary organization Flying Concierges, who, in my opinion, provide information to arriving guests, and maybe also take small tours.

Friendly Hosts from Lucerne works in a similar way. Volunteers from Lucerne stand in different places and are easily recognizable by their red polo shirts.

Couchsurfing is in our opinion the best portal, which corresponds to our offer to a large extent. The finances are excluded here and in our opinion the desire for income is very common.

This portal has been pioneer for sharing private accommodations. Today, the company has evolved into a commercial booking platform that disappears from idealism.

Google Local Guides
With this program Google wants to improve its map service Google Maps. The Google Local Guide can make entries and organize events.

Get your Guide
A platform for the mediation of guided tours. There is a large selection and Get your Guides take a commission of 20%.

Also arranges guided tours and local experiences. Now that Viator is working with Tripadvisor, Viator can benefit from synergies.

The company wants to provide surprising experiences with locals for a fee. They are gradually establishing different destinations, currently Zurich, Paris and Lisbon are online.

Other providers
Thanks for the hints to other providers of Matthias (discussion on Gründen Live)

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