Kenya – first a concept?

I had a conversation with the NGO “Forever Kids Kenya” in my office. The organization from my region finances the elementary school for children in Mombasa. The most important source of income in Kenya is tourism. Kenya is also an important exporter of roses. This is in line with the discussion on the Fairtrade page , which I initiated, and it’s about developing ideas for tourism.

An MBA for tourism, cooperation with NGOs, Rose Tourism, Concept Friends.Guide, I conducted a strong monologue and had more question marks than concrete ideas. I did not succeed in convincing the two membery of the association. They currently an intern in Mombosa, he has no relationship with tourism and I did not even know where roses grow. I should working on the concept!

But it is more important to me to do what I can shape myself. Therefore Swissvoyage, there I am the guestadvisor. Currently I am designing a day trip to Switzerland for coffee and cocoa, to design people for long-distance travel. So only aconcept for Kenya, if we have an understanding for cooperation.

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