Philosophy – our values and objectives

With the concept of the guestadvisor, we want to bring people together when traveling. A voyage is always connected with emotions. The unwinding of sights and high comfort rarely lead to lasting memory, rather activities and meetings with people.

Therefore locals can help. There are many possibilities on the internet, Friends.Guide looks that the guide will be a friend. We are open with our platform and look for exchange our idea.

The guestadvisor may design his own offer, we also invite tour operators to publish their guides on the platform. We dispense with reviews and instead help the guestadvisor and tour operators to collect direct feedbacks and recommendations.

Guestadvisers and travelers should be at eye level. We know the immense income differences in our world. In Ghana, the average income is much lower than in Switzerland. People in Ghana need a large part of the income for the food, in Switzerland rents are expensive. It is possible for a middle-income Swiss to hire a guestadvisor in Ghana, but not vice versa. We can not change much about the income situation, but we can create understanding. Through the exchange with the guestadvisors we know about the life and the daily problems.

We want to use the platform to promote a cultural exchange and promote our other portals:

In the former Soviet Union, people spent a lot of time in their summer houses. They seed vegetables and the contact with the neighbours is friedly. The project Interdoma are a kind of cultural exchange.

Porcelain Art
With our porcelain competition we want to encourage artists to work with porcelain. We are sure for artists, Friends.Guide is an interesting platform.