How we get popular

How can we get acquainted with our services? First principle, for every idea, customers are enthusiastic, adapt to existing demand is usually easier. There may be some reports in the press, they help a little bit, important is the continuous work and the participants to join in activating.

This is difficult, especially when it comes to disregard and is strongly doubted about the idea. Frequently, there is a shortage of money and it is difficult to find help. It’s about developing enthusiasm and finding the right environment. It needs understanding that few people want to go new ways and are involved in their everyday worries.

One motivation that works most of the time is to pay people fairly. There are financing options, such as crowdfunding, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, classifieds portals. But also the classified ad in the supermarket next door and many discussions help. Use the money quickly and carefully, invest again and again. However, never see the finances as a hurdle, otherwise failure is guaranteed. The most important always communicate!

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